Andrew Walsh

Andrew Walsh is a seasoned professional in the craft beer industry, currently serving as the Head Brewer at Lake of Bays Brewing Co. With over a decade of experience in brewing facilities big and small.

A graduate of the Niagara College – Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program, Andrew honed his brewing skills through academic training and hands-on experience in one of Canada’s premier brewing programs.

Throughout his tenure, Andrew has demonstrated a strong commitment to product development, constantly trying to find links between current trends, traditional excellence, and the yet to be discovered.

One of Andrew’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to cultivate meaningful connections with beer enthusiasts and newcomers to the industry alike. He possesses a keen understanding of consumer preferences and tastes, which he leverages to design beers that resonate with audiences far and wide. Through attentive listening and genuine passion for engaging with consumers, Andrew has fostered a loyal following for Lake of
Bays Brewing Co., building a community of beer lovers who eagerly anticipate each new release.

With a decade of experience behind him and a passion that continues to drive him forward, Andrew Walsh stands as a dynamic leader in the craft beer community, dedicated to elevating the industry from the inside out.

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