Brad McInerney

Brad McInerney has been working in the craft beer industry for 17 years. As Marketing Director at Wellington Brewery, Brad has had the opportunity to rebuild the brand portfolio of one of Canada’s original craft breweries and work on some exciting community-based projects that have helped grow the Wellington brand.

Parallel to his career in the brewing industry, Brad regularly booked live music at venues in Guelph and founded a not-for-profit music and arts festival. His experience in the arts and not- for-profit sector helped influence Brad’s approach to building grassroots connections with customers through festivals and events.

As one of the co-creators of the Guelph.Beer Bus (awarded Culinary Tourism Event of the Year at the 2023 Ontario Tourism Awards) and Welly Cask Fest, Brad has found creative ways to engage customers and build lasting connections with craft beer drinkers.

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