Cass Enright

CEO, Cecktor Limited Cass Enright is a multidisciplinary marketing and advertising leader and disruptor. Cass has worked with some of the largest advertising agencies and with some of the most globally recognized brands resulting in numerous industry awards and accolades. Cass is also a passionate beer lover and supporter of the industry, having founded: The …

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Euan Thomson

CEO of Raft Brew Labs Raft Brew Labs Euan Thomson is a seasoned professional in the craft beverage industry with a passion for providing high-quality analytical data and insight to help breweries improve their product quality and consistency. In March 2020, he launched Raft Brew Labs, a company dedicated to helping craft beverage facilities close …

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Derek Davy

CEO, Business Lead Econse Derek Davy has dedicated his career to helping fix water problems. His previous experience in water-intensive industries let him witness firsthand the devastating effects of wastewater pollution. In 2013, Derek founded Econse, a leading provider of affordable turn-key treatment systems that help businesses, like craft breweries, stop wastewater pollution at the …

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