Matthew J Winans

Dr. Matt Winans of Fermentis is responsible for crafting the best technical materials and educational content to serve the craft brewing industry in Canada and the Americas. He is centrally located in the vibrant brewing hub of Portland, Oregon, USA and is a supplier of Fermentis brewing yeast strains. With a diverse background, including tenure as Head of Research and Development at Imperial Organic Yeast, pioneering work as a Sake Brewing Researcher at Saga Fermentation Institute in Japan, and Lead Brewing Consultant for ABR, Dr. Winans brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Armed with a doctorate in yeast biology from West Virginia University, his journey in fermentation humbly began in 2009 with a gifted Mr. Beer kit and has ultimately snowballed into a wealth of experiences and a well-rounded understanding of brewing intricacies.

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