Wine Beer Hybrid 🗓

June 3, 2023 10:00 – 11:00 PM Halifax Convention Centre, Description Aaron Spinney, Sam Corbeil, and Jeremy Taylor will be discussing the microbiology of beer spoilage. They will delve into the different types of microorganisms that can cause beer spoilage and the factors that contribute to their growth. The speakers will also provide insights on …

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Fruit Experimental 🗓

June 2, 2023 2:30 – 3:30 PM Halifax Convention Centre, Description Jonathan Asada will share about the world of fruit experimentation in brewing, delving into the innovative techniques and ingredients used to create unique and flavorful beers. The session will cover topics such as selecting fruit varieties, processing methods, and fermentation techniques to create a …

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Environmentally Conscious Brewing 🗓

June 2, 2023 2:30 – 3:30 PM Halifax Convention Centre, Description Stephen Tyson explores the concept of environmentally conscious brewing, with a focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Attendees will learn about innovative and practical ways to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and implement sustainable packaging practices in their breweries. The talk will …

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Deep Dive – Brew Culture 🗓

June 2, 2023 1:30 – 2:30 PM Halifax Convention Centre, Description In this deep dive talk, Chris White, a representative of the Canadian brewery distributor,, will provide insights into the company’s operations and how it supports Canadian breweries in their growth and distribution efforts. The talk will cover topics such as product selection, marketing …

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Deep Dive – Econse 🗓

Deep Dive – Econse Water Matters: The Connection Between Sustainable Brewing and Wastewater June 2, 2023 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Halifax Convention Centre, Common Convention Area Description Water is a topic that intersects almost every business and everything we do as people. Join us as we discuss sustainable business strategies for managing water and …

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