Wine Beer Hybrid

Jeremy Taylor

Co-Founder & Head Brewer 2 Crows Brewing Jeremey Taylor is the head brewer and one of the founders of 2 Crows Brewing Co in Halifax, NS, and is also the vice president of Shoreline Maltings on PEI. Jeremy holds a Masters of Science in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland”

Sam Corbeil

Brewmaster at Sawdust City Brewing Sawdust City Brewing Co. Sam is a brewer and co-founder of Sawdust City, a craft brewery based in Gravenhurst, Ontario. He is passionate about using locally-sourced ingredients and has a deep understanding of the science behind brewing.

Aaron Spinney

Brewmaster at Merit Brewing Merit Brewing Aaron Spinney is the Head Brewer at Merit Brewing Co. Inc downtown Hamilton Ontario. He is a current member of the MBAA and sits on the technical committee for the Ontario chapter, he also helps run the Ontario Iron Brewer competition.

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